8 September / 2016

INKEF Capital increases fund to € 500 Million

Amsterdam, September 8, 2016

Dutch Venture Capital firm INKEF Capital has secured an additional € 300 Million funding from its founding partner ABP. This is the third consecutive commitment of ABP to INKEF, since its inception in 2010, and brings ABP’s total commitment to € 500 million.

With the increase, INKEF is able to continue its diversified investment strategy to support (financially, strategically and organizationally) innovative technology ventures with a strong growth perspective, (initially) with a clear focus on companies with a link to the Netherlands

Distinguishing characteristics of INKEF’s strategy are:

  • Multisector focus in Healthcare and ICT/ New Media/Financial Technology
  • Long term horizon (15 years): this enables INKEF to support a portfolio company over the different growth phases
  • Staged investment strategy: positions are built in sync with company development, progress and success.

INKEF focuses on ventures addressing relevant global markets, that have a globally distinctive proposition, with management that has a global ambition.

INKEF seeks to partner with international co-investors to further support portfolio companies on their international roll out of their businesses. In addition, INKEF will continue to team up with (international) entrepreneurs, research institutes and industry partners to build highly innovative companies.

INKEF’s investment strategy has led to several successful exits over the recent years.

Michael Stam, CEO



INKEF Capital is an Amsterdam, the Netherlands, based venture capital firm that is focused on the long-term collaboration and active support of innovative technology companies. INKEF was founded in 2010 by Dutch pension fund ABP and with €500 million under management it is one of the largest venture capital funds in the Netherlands. INKEF focuses on investment opportunities in Healthcare, ICT/NewMedia/FinTech and prefers to participate from series A round financing onwards.