20 May / 2016

EclecticIQ raises 5.5 million Euro for enterprise-ready cyber threat intelligence (CTI) platform

  • Among the largest European Series A investments in cyber security technology 
  • EclecticIQ supports cyber threat intelligence (CTI) practices in sectors including financial services, government and other organizations owning/operating critical infrastructure 
  • Founder & CEO Joep Gommers is former intelligence ops executive at iSIGHT Partners 

AMSTERDAM, NL — May 2, 2016 — EclecticIQ, the leading vendor of threat intelligence technologies, today announced that it has secured €5.5 million in Series A funding from INKEF Capital and KPN Ventures, of which €1.5 million converting previous committed capital. Today’s investment brings the total to €6.5 million, or $7.1 million. EclecticIQ will use the funding to expand into new geographic markets and industry sectors.

Corné Jansen, Director at INKEF Capital, comments: “We are excited to join EclecticIQ as a shareholder; EclecticIQ’s fundamental belief that the end-user should be at the center, leading to a better and more efficient CTI process really resonates with us. EclecticIQ’s approach already delivers significant value to early enterprise customers in government and financial services, and we expect adoption to accelerate quickly.”

Financial services and government enterprises are core markets for EclecticIQ. For financial institutions, an investment in technologies to help manage cyber threats not only provides stronger protection for ongoing operations, but also enables greater evaluation of emerging approaches to service delivery. For government agencies, CTI provides a way for analysts to share critical information across jurisdictional and agency boundaries, improving the preventative capability and response time of Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs).

The funding enables EclecticIQ to expand into other industries. Enterprise CISOs globally are building external-facing CTI practices to provide a faster and more effective response to cyber threats. Threat analysts from a CTI practice, empowered with the best available cyber threat information and technologies, work in direct consultation with business units to improve the security posture of a wide range of stakeholders.

Joep Gommers, CEO and founder of EclecticIQ, comments: “The technology of aggregating multiple sources of intelligence is important, and we are recognized as leading the CTI market in that regard, however process enablement is where our technologies really make a difference. EclecticIQ focuses on incorporating analysts’ insights into enterprise workflows.”

Prior to founding EclecticIQ, Joep Gommers served as Head of Global Collection and Global Intelligence Operations at cyber threat intelligence market leader iSIGHT Partners, acquired in January 2016 by Milpitas, Calif.-based FireEye (NASDAQ: FEYE). His vision is informed by an intimate understanding of threat reality and an ambition to build products that allow cyber security programs to leap forward.


About EclecticIQ

EclecticIQ is an applied cyber intelligence technology provider, enabling enterprise security programs and governments to mature a Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) practice, and empowering analysts to take back control of their threat reality and to mitigate exposure accordingly.

EclecticIQ’s mission is to restore balance in the fight against cyber adversaries. Its flagship product, EclecticIQ Platform, is a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP), which enables operationalization of security information exchange, empowers collaborative analyst workflow and ensures timely integration of cyber threat intelligence detection, prevention and response capabilities.

EclecticIQ is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and holds offices in London and Chișinău, Moldova. The company was awarded the 2015 EU IPACSO Cyber Security Award, and is partner of the Security Incubator project of the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) and a member of FS-ISAC and OASIS CTI TC.


About INKEF Capital 

INKEF Capital is an Amsterdam-based venture capital firm that focuses on long-term collaboration and active support of innovative technology companies. INKEF Capital was founded in 2010 by Dutch pension fund ABP and with €200 million under management it is one of the largest venture capital funds in the Netherlands. INKEF focuses on investment opportunities in Healthcare, Technology and IT/New Media and prefers to participate from series A round financing onwards.


About KPN Ventures 

KPN Ventures is the venturing arm of KPN, the leading Dutch ICT company. KPN Ventures invests, both directly and indirectly, in companies with innovative products and business models to create technological and economical synergies with KPN and create value for its customers. KPN Ventures provides access to capital, to KPN’s extensive expertise in connectivity, security and related technologies, to its leading network infrastructure and to its large customer base. KPN Ventures focuses on early growth-stage investments in European technology companies in the segments: Internet of Things, Smart Home, e-Health, Cyber Security, OTT, Cloud services and Data & analytics applications. KPN Ventures has its main office in Rotterdam and has invested a.o. in Jasper Technologies (acquired by Cisco) and Actility.

Source: EclecticIQ



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