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Bloomon, is a subscription-based flower delivery service based in Amsterdam, was founded in 2014 by Patrick Hurenkamp and Koen Thijssen. Dubbed as the ‘Netflix of Flowers’ by the Financial Times, Bloomon’s goal is to bring bespoke bouquets from grower to consumer in the fastest way possible by cutting out the traditional supply chain. Headquartered in Amsterdam, it now has international offices in Berlin, London and Taiwan.

I am Bloomon’s CEO and co-founder and my background is in technology management and economics. I have had an affinity for flowers since childhood, and some of my family members are still active in the flower industry. Our journey began in 2014 when Koen, Bart and I began looking at the traditional supply chain in the flower industry. We decided to ‘rewrite’ the old supply chain, and to bridge the gap between the grower and the consumer. With that, our company was born.

Patrick Hurenkamp CEO of Bloomon

Disrupting a traditional industry
We knew that there was a massive ecosystem for flowers in the Netherlands. Yet under the traditional model, flowers would often lay around for days on tables, in storerooms and at auction houses before making it to the consumer. That meant the consumer was often sold half-dead or wilting flowers. We knew that we had the opportunity to disrupt that model. Furthermore, we wanted to really support the growers by cutting out the middle man, and bring them closer to their customers.

Building our team
When it came time to attract funding, INKEF Capital was a natural fit. We initially held meetings with Robert Jan Galema and Corne Jansen, who expressed a lot of enthusiasm for our concept and the results we had achieved in a short space of time. From day 1, we found them to be much more personable than the average investors. Within the space of 6 months, we were already in discussions about the ‘big picture’ stuff – attracting the right talent, building diversity into the core of our company, and preparing to take big steps forward.

Adding strategic value
We face numerous challenges as a relatively-recent startup, especially around operations, marketing and talent retention. INKEF Capital have really focused on that point in the horizon – and continually work to keep us moving in the right direction. They add value with their strategic knowledge, which helps to foster an open exchange of knowledge and ideas. And now with a team of 100 people from 25 different nationalities, their advice has been key to helping us build a diverse and globally-focused team.

For us, it helps to work with investors who have managerial experience and entrepreneurial grit – the same as us. And in that way, INKEF Capital are the perfect partners.

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