Investment criteria

Our core focus is on promising companies rooted in the Netherlands with a strong demonstrable link to the Netherlands. We focus on Series A opportunities in two broad technology sectors; Healthcare and ICT/New Media/FinTech. For exceptional companies/teams we could consider stepping in either earlier (seed rounds) or in later stage rounds. The perspective for further potential subsequent rounds is an important consideration in our decisions.

When judging new investment opportunities, we always explore three sides of the enterprise: its business, its technology and its human capital. These three elements are crucial to how we assess new investment opportunities, which can be summed in three basic questions:

  • Is the business relevant in the global marketplace?
  • Is the proposition unique or distinctive in the global marketplace?
  • Is the management team ambitious and realistic on a global scale?

The companies we back all show the potential to gain substantial share of a significant market. They also offer an innovative technological edge that can be protected through Intellectual Property (IP) rights and/or through unfair advantages. When assessing new ventures, we judge the proposition’s strength within its relevant sector and assess the company’s strategy to capitalize on these assets.