At the heart of INKEF is a dedicated team of investment experts, but to extend our reach and increase our impact we work with an ecosystem of global industry experts. Many are thought leaders in their fields, others priceless in their ability to predict the future or think out of the box. They complement our own knowledge and continuously challenge the way we work. They make us smarter and better, for you.

INKEF collaborates with a continuous mix of industry experts in a wide range of knowledge fields. Each of our team members is tailored to meet specific client needs, actively fill knowledge gaps by helping source, select and groom our ventures. It is a highly effective and efficient way of tapping into the latest expertise and remaining atop industry movements.


Angels-in-Residence is our network of serial entrepreneurs and successful business angels. They are closely aligned with INKEF and sit atop the knowledge chain, and they work with us on a deal-by-deal basis. They are not simply co-investors, but market barometers, bringing in highly entrepreneurial expertise to the benefit of our ventures.