About us

INKEF Capital was established in 2010 to finance and support starting entrepreneurs and their spectacular technology ventures. INKEF is short for Investing in the Knowledge Economy of the Future. More collaborator than investor, we prefer to contribute early but partner long-term, guiding young companies from series A capital and through subsequent financing rounds, always with the intention of steering them towards success.

With ABP/APG as a founding partner and cornerstone investor, we are able to focus all our passion and expertise on two broad technology sectors: Healthcare and ICT/New Media/FinTech.

The foundation of our company is an international team with extensive experience in global business development. They are experts in their specific fields and fully understand the obstacles and dilemmas standing in the way of business success. No less important, our team is fair. After all, when your ambition is to be the partner of choice for promising and ambitious management teams, being fair is a must-have, not an afterthought.

How we work

Because we recognize the value of co-investing and believe our greatest impact comes in early-stage development, we prefer Series A financing.  We understand that building a successful company is a team effort between entrepreneurs and their backers. Besides financing, the added value we bring to the table is helping align management, focus on growth and clearly formulate next steps.

We embrace milestone-based funding using transparent metrics and work hard to help our partners meet these milestones. We actively support them in their subsequent financing when they show traction. We strongly believe in the power of local funding. This means that when one of our partners aspires to be successful outside of our core market the Netherlands, we use our global network to help identity and engage co-investment partners on a local level, no matter where in the world.